Who becomes a member of Capital City Sound?  Any woman with a love of singing and a willingness to learn!  There are no age limits on membership.  Girls and women rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings in Boise, learn vocal skills, and enjoy a group camaraderie that's warm, friendly, and supportive.  Previous musical training is helpful, but not required.  Guests are welcome at any of our rehearsals and are encouraged to sing with us without obligation while experiencing the thrill of blending their voices in four-part harmony.

Experience the thrill of singing exciting close harmonies and making friends in Capital City Sound.  First, come check out a rehearsal any Thursday night from 7:00 - 9:30   See our Rehearsals Page for details.

You'll be welcomed into

the group right away -- we are glad you are here.  You'll want to start singing right away, so one of our co-directors Andy or Jerrie will determine which part is best suited to your voice.  Our Music Librarian will give you music to use for the evening and the Section Leader will mentor you throughout the evening.  A $10 refundable music fee will allow you to take home the music as well as a set of learning CDs highlighting your part for each song.  You can use these tools to practice the music at home or in the car.


Prospective member Zhiping (far right) successfully auditioned and was voted into membership in February 2014. Zhiping sings Baritone with Linda (left, Tenor), Carol (next, Lead), and Mary (next to Zhiping, Bass)

On your next visit you will again sing with the Chorus.  You will have

become acquainted with several members and feel welcomed into the group.  In about a month from your first visit, you will let us know if you are interested in auditioning to be a permanent member of our group.  The audition consists of singing one of our regular songs along with three members representing the other parts.  Your Section Leader Mentor will back you up on your part, if needed.  Auditions are generally held right after a rehearsal and are casual in nature.  When you've successfully "passed" the audition, you will be offered membership in Sweet Adelines International, and begin paying chorus dues.  You'll also be offered membership in Sweet Adelines International so you can perform with us.  It's easy--and you'll be so glad you joined!

You'll feel pride in being a member of Capital City Sound.  Our group is

professional, yet fun.  Each rehearsal is like getting a private voice lesson from one of our co-directors, so members learn continuously.  While our chorus is relatively new to the music scene in Treasure Valley, we are already being requested to come back for repeat performances.  Capital City Sound is going places!








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