Loose Ends

Boise, Nampa, Emmett
This group is for hire
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Malauna, tenor

Gail, lead

Bev, baritone

Brenda, bass

In December of 2017, Brenda, Bev, Gail, and Malauna got together to sing a couple of Christmas songs on Capital City Sound's Christmas Show. They didn't have a name, but since they were the third quartet to sing, they decided to call themselves 3Q for the show. They had so much fun performing together that they decided to stay together. As they tried to find a regular rehearsal time, it became evident that at least one of them couldn't get together with the other three to practice. After several duet and trio based rehearsals, they got all their loose ends together, and they've been on a roll since. They also knew what their name had to be!