Chorus Delights Seniors


A blustery wind whipped through the parking  lot at Heatherwood Senior Living on Friday, November 11, 2022.  It was Veteran’s Day, and inside the residents had gathered for lunch and much-anticipated entertainment through the meal.  The residents were particularly interested in this entertainment because a member of their own Staff would be in the chorus.  As the chorus filed in, all eyes were searching.  There she was!  Their very own Hope!  With high energy, the chorus began singing four-part a cappella, beginning with “Best Day of My Life.”  As the show progressed, the lively audience clapped and sometimes sang along.  Several songs were familiar, including “Rockin’ Robin” and “Can’t  Take My Eyes Off of You.”  As the chorus performed the Armed Forces Medley, veterans stood or raised their hands when their branch’s anthem was sung.  Everyone showed their respect and gratitude during those emotional minutes until the last chords rang out. The chorus ended their concert with the beautiful song, “Let Freedom Ring,” which was especially meaningful on Veteran’s Day.